Infinity Incentive Group Remarks on the Isle of Crete in Fall

Infinity Incentive Group, a leading member of the vacation fulfillment industry, knows that many travelers hope to spend time on an exotic island in their lifetime. Although these types of vacations may seem overly expensive or difficult, look no further for the answers. Infinity Incentive Group provides exclusive incentives and rewards for travelers, and also promotes a focus on customer service. Part of this initiative includes recommending exciting destinations that travelers would enjoy.

Many remark that the best time to visit this Greek Island is in the fall season. The Mediterranean makes for a great backdrop for family vacation photos, but taking pictures isn’t the only priority on a trip to this area. Visiting the Palace of Knossos is a great sightseeing opportunity, and offers visitors the chance to see a myriad of massive columns built in the Minoan civilization and begs for extended exploration. Set aside at least the afternoon, if not the whole day to spend time here.

Avoiding the over-crowded summer months and the rainy season, early fall seems to be the best time to score some of the deals in the area. Beautiful beaches hide amongst the tall mountain tops, palm tree groves grow in the middle of the sprawling landscape, and the modern cities offers exciting night-life, eats and treats, and best of all, shopping galore.

Infinity Incentive Group knows that each and every traveler deserves to have a vacation of their dreams. Visiting Greece is a great way to connect to a place with local culture and also have the experience of a lifetime. For more information about this destination or to start planning your vacation now, please visit

Infinity Incentive Group Shares Unusual Vacation Destinations From Around the World

Infinity Incentive Group knows that travelers who go on vacation year after year crave something different from their experience.While there might be some out there who enjoy visiting the same place each year, many hope to find new travel destinations that offer unique qualities and excitement. Here are some of our favorites to visit for 2014.

1. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai: Named the tallest in the world by Guinness World Records, this twin-tower, 72 story building measures up to over 1,160 feet.

2. Pancake Rocks, New Zealand: Found on the western edge of Paparoa National Park on New Zealand’s South Island, these rocks formed nearly 30 million years ago when layers of sandstone and limestone gathered on the ocean floor. But as the sandstone eroded away, these formation resembling pancakes were the result.

3. Goblin Valley State Park, Utah: Near other famous National parks like Arches and Canyonlands, these sandstone formations actually resemble goblins and is another chance to see some of the unique things that exist in nature.

4. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia: This area is home to the world’s largest salt flat, which stretches nearly 7,500 miles. Infinity Incentive Group encourages travelers not to forget their camera while visiting the high Andean desert, because it’s something you will want to remember.

5. Jiuzhai Valley National Park, China: Named a UNESCO World heritage site, this national park located north of the city of Chengdu, offers the chance to see some of the world’s endangered plants and animal species.

Infinity Incentive Group knows that spending time at any of these interesting or unique places will create a fun vacation that families will remember.

Infinity Incentive Group Suggests Seeing the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco

Infinity Incentive Group wants travelers to see the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

Infinity Incentive Group wants travelers to see the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

When visiting San Francisco, Infinity Incentive Group knows that there are a number of amazing places to see that will make the trip completely worthwhile. Golden Gate Park in particular is a great place to visit and take plenty of pictures. Within the park, the Japanese tea garden contains vegetation and designs as if they were literally uprooted from Japan. There is even a pagoda within the garden as a unique centerpiece that marks this as a truly special place to see personally. It is highly recommended to take the time to make a detour and visit Golden Gate Park.

Infinity Incentive Group Highlights A Fall African Vacation

Infinity Incentive Group, a leading provider of luxury vacation fulfillment services, knows that every traveler is looking for an exciting yet exotic destination to spend time at this fall. Look no further than Africa, one of the top-rated destinations in the world when it comes to adventure. Take time out of your busy schedule to enjoy some of the most thrilling experiences of your lifetime. Here are some of the best places to visit in the country this fall.

  • Djmaa el Fna is home to a unique town square unlike others around the world. Home to true African culture, this area reminds travelers of this by the sights and sounds they experience while visiting. In the heart of the old city of Marrakech sit story-tellers, snake charmers and more at the world’s most mesmerizing market.  Be sure to try some of the delicious meats, bread and salad from the different food stands, and stick around for after night fall when the tribal drummers and dancers come out for a real celebration.
  • Sossusvlei Dunes, found in Nambia, have developed over millions of years and are one of the most stunning natural sights to see. Infinity Incentive Group recommends bringing friends and family along to experience some of these breathtaking views.
  • Victoria Falls, found in both Zambia and Zimbabwe, offers travelers a chance to glimpse one of nature’s majestic water spectacles. Thousands flock each year to watch the spray from the 108-meter high cascades, where water has been recorded as flowing for 12,800 cubic meters per second.

Infinity Incentive Group Recommends Tips for Booking a Vacation

With the everyday use of the internet, Infinity Incentive Group recognizes that using this resource to confirm travel plans makes it easier for travelers who are preparing for vacations. This includes purchasing airline tickets, reserving accommodations, purchasing a rental car, and more. Taking advantage of online promotions can help travelers save, but it is important to understand the finer details while making reservations. The following are some of the most important consideration whenever booking for a vacation.

  • Travel websites can help travelers save by bundling services. For example, airline and hotel rooms can be booked together and possibly provide travelers with discounts. This can also help save time by not having to access several websites for different services.
  • Being aware of fees on travel sites is important for travelers who might otherwise be unaware. Terms and conditions should be clearly stated on websites and it is important to understand them completely before making any purchases.
  • Obtaining confirmations for all services purchased is useful for the travel to use as references when checking in at an airport, hotel, and elsewhere.

Infinity Incentive Group knows that travelers have a variety of services available to them when it comes to making plans for vacation. Using them to the fullest while understanding any fees or limitations that may apply, travelers can enjoy their vacations as much as possible. Those who wish to travel this summer can do so with relative ease. However, plans should be made soon, as the summer will not last forever.

Infinity Incentive Group Shares Exciting Road Trip Ideas

Infinity Incentive Group knows that for all those travelers planning a road trip this summer, that this is one of the top ways to see the country. For those who are new to this style of vacation, they may wonder how to determine which are some of the most interesting routes to take while spending time cruising through the country. That’s why Infinity Incentive Group is offering these suggestions. All that’s left is gathering up your friends and family and hitting the road.

  • The Gulf Coast : U.S. Route 90 is perfect for those who are looking for a scenic road trip. Travelers will work their way through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, perfect for those who are looking for a vacation with variety. Infinity Incentive Group suggests starting out in Mobile, and head off into Dauphin Island, then heading down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. With the recent addition of gambling, this area has turned into a mini-Vegas. After taking a chance with your luck at the casinos, end in New Orleans for a great tourist spot that offers delicious seafood, cocktails and nightlife, the perfect way to end the last leg of your trip.
  • Pacific Coast Highway: Nothing quite sells itself like classic summer more than spending time in California. This quintessential state is perfect for those who enjoy spending time enjoying sunshine, sand and surf. The winding roads along this famous highway provide some of the most unbeatable views of the Pacific Ocean, and takes vacationers down a 94 mile stretch that spans nearly the entire length of the west coast. From Monterey, to Carmel, all the way to Big Sur, this choice simply can’t be beat.

Infinity Incentive Group Offers Suggestions for an Amazing Vacation

Aside from planning and preparing, Infinity Incentive Group knows that going on vacation also involves a certain state of mind. Travelers who are excited about traveling on vacation will most likely have a much more enjoyable time than those who are less enthusiastic and worry about responsibilities back home. Vacations are meant to be a time to relax and leave worries behind in order to have an enjoyable trip. Doing this is quite easy and is possible for anybody.

  • Be adventurous: One of the most exciting aspects of vacation is going to new places and experiences new things. By maintaining a sense of adventure and willingness to go off the beaten path, vacationers will tend to discover a whole new world they were unaware of before. Infinity Incentive Group is aware that it also poses a great opportunity to create cherished memories.
  • Be at peace: While it is tempting to think about responsibilities back home, a vacation is meant to be a time to put that aside. Travelers who constantly worry about such matters can find themselves having a less than pleasant vacation.
  • Be thankful: Vacationers who appreciate their time off can make any vacation experience that more meaningful. Those traveling in groups can develop closer bonds to friends and family and encourage more instances where everybody gets together.

Combining these tips together can make a vacation an amazing one. With the summer season, travelers should head out now to enjoy a vacation, wherever they might go.

Infinity Incentive Group Invites Travelers to Explore the World

A Beach Vacation


Infinity Incentive Group recognizes that travelers want to have amazing vacationers wherever they go. This is especially true during the summer. After hard work for more than half of the year, it is perfectly understandable why people are eager to take time off to relax. From going on an adventure to someplace new to relaxing on a beach with different views every day, vacationers have a world of possibilities to enjoy. For those who want to get away and have an amazing vacation, the time is now to take full advantage of the summer and create cherished memories to share for years.


Infinity Incentive Group Highlights Honeymoon Planning Tips

Infinity Incentive Group, a leading provider of luxury vacation accommodations, knows that no matter what type of honeymoon you are planning, there are some important travel tips that any newly married couple can benefit from. This is an once-in-a-lifetime vacation that can help make the planning process easier and help you enjoy your trip more.

1. Communicate: While planning your honeymoon, you may find you and your new spouse have a different idea of what makes a fun vacation. If he likes the adventuring type of getaway and you prefer sunbathing on the beach, make sure to meet in the middle and find a destination and activities that will make both of you happy.

2. Keep A Secret: While planning your trip, Infinity Incentive Group shares that it might be best not to advertise what the occasion is. Some places actually raise their prices because they know that a lot of couples are willing to splurge on this special trip. But after arriving to the destination, that’s when you can share your news—and some places may even offer a free upgrade or complimentary items.

3. Don’t over think or sweat the small stuff: While this is one trip that many strive to be perfect, take this wise advice and don’t overstuff your days with too many activities. This is a time that should be relaxing, so do what you can to cut down on the stress in your life and take time to enjoy yourself. Or if you are the type who likes to get up and go, make sure to leave a window of time between plans to avoid rushing around.

Infinity Incentive Group Shares Easy Tricks to Make Summer Travel Easier

Infinity Incentive Group offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy luxury like never before. Experience stunning accommodations, along with amazing amenities and customer service like no other this summer on your dream vacation. Infinity Incentive Group knows that summer is one of the most popular times for travel and that his can often lead to huge lines and crowded flights that can be long and boring. There are some easy ways to make your time go a little more smoothly on your vacation this summer—here are a few of our favorites.

  1. Divide and Conquer: The experts at Infinity Incentive Group share that splitting up is key to help combat long lines. Send one person to check everyone in at the kiosk, while the others wait in the bag drop line. This is a great way to save time during the crowded summer season.
  2. Keep Comfortable: For long flights, some comfortable but not sloppy clothing that will help keep you cool as well. Opt for lightweight pants in a breezy cotton or other lightweight material. Also, a neck pillow is a great thing to bring for long flights to avoid falling asleep on the shoulder of a stranger.
  3. Download The Necessities: Make sure to get any travel apps while Wi-Fi is still available, something you can do on the flight if offered or before you leave home. For long flights, listening to podcasts is a great entertainment option for those who are too tired to read or don’t feel like watching TV.

Infinity Incentive Group knows these tips will help make any summer trip a lot easier.